sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Músicas para o fds... IX

Vamos que vamos...

Stratovarius - Speed of Light
I should have some kind of meaning
a destiny to believe in
before I go to sleep.

Dream Theater - Take the Time
Just let me catch my breath...
I've heard the promises
I've seen the mistakes
I've had my fair share of tough breaks
I need a new voice, a new law, a new way
Take the time, reevaluate
It's time to pick up the pieces,
Go back to square one
I think it's time for a change... 

...Close your eyes
You can find all that you need in your mind

Amom Amarth - Where is your god?
Now, where is your god ?
Does he hear your prayers ?
Does he even care for you ?
His silence speaks loud and clear

Iced Earth - Dante´s Inferno
Through the fiery caverns we sail
Virgil at my side my guide and master
Questing through the nine plains of hell
Infernal wisdom shall fill my soul
Slowly now the days departing
The darkened air releases me
Frightening visions of my journey
Entrance me to limbo
I'm not free

Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth
Journey back to the darkside, back into the womb
Back to where the spirits move like vapor from the tomb
The centre of the cyclone blowing out the sun
Break the shackles of your union to the light
I might've had a brother, as I was born they dragged him under
To the other side of twilight, he's waiting for me now
Nativity was lost on me, I didn't ask, I couldn't see
What created me? What and where and how?

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