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Motivando seus empregados: ROWE - Results Only Work Environment

Você sabe o que é ROWE?

ROWE  (Results Only Work Environment ) é uma filosofia  de gestão baseada na premissa de que dar empregados o controle completo sobre o seu tempo é a melhor maneira de aumentar produtividade no local de trabalho criada por Jody Thompson e Cali Ressler.

Veja o TED abaixo do Dan Pink falando sobre como motivar seus empregados e aumentar sua produtividade e cita o ROWE.

Veja abaixo a matéria da CBS falando sobre ROWE:

What Is a Results-Only Work Environment?
Ask any manager to describe the best way to evaluate direct reports and she's likely to mention results — that is, how well employees perform tasks and accomplish goals. But according to former Best Buy HR managers Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, few managers actually evaluate on that basis. Instead, most managers reward employees based on how much time they log at the office or how well they navigate office politics. To correct this common problem, Ressler and Thompson developed the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) at Best Buy.
ROWE is a management philosophy based on the premise that giving employees complete control over their time is the best way to increase productivity in the workplace. If Best Buy is any example, the system can work: Departments that use ROWE report average productivity increases of 35 percent. Now Ressler and Thompson have spun off their own company, CultureRx, and written a book, Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It. As their idea gains media attention, the question is whether or not ROWE can work outside of Best Buy.

How It Works 
As Ressler and Thompson put it in their book, “In a Results-Only Work Environment, people can do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done.” This is not simply company-sanctioned flextime. A true ROWE has unlimited paid vacation time, no schedules, no mandatory meetings, and no judgments from co-workers and bosses about how employees spend their days. In other words, managers trust employees to get their work done and do not mandate — or even comment on — when, where, or how it happens. Because everyone is evaluated based on what they accomplish, as opposed to how much time they spend looking busy at their desks, it becomes clear very quickly who is actually getting work done and who isn’t.
What this looks like on a daily basis is different for every employee. For example, one Best Buy e-learning specialist completes an entire month of work in two weeks so that he can spend the rest of the month following his favorite bands around the country, checking in with the office via email and cell phone. For someone else, it might mean working from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and then logging back online at 8 p.m., whether from the office, home, or a resort in Hawaii.

Why It Works
ROWE advocates say that a relentless focus on results forces managers and employees to be clear about job descriptions and expectations. Scott Jauman, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at Best Buy, says teams learn how to communicate more effectively and plan ahead around each other’s schedules. Plus, they learn to work together and back each other up in new ways. Ressler and Thompson call it cross-training: Employees tend to be more willing to fill in for co-workers when necessary, and in the process they learn new jobs.
Many of the productivity gains that result from a ROWE come from its effectiveness at retaining and motivating valued employees. At the same time, a ROWE exposes a team’s underperformers, the ones who used to get away with contributing little. The net result is a stronger team that can do more with less. For example, after migrating to a ROWE, Best Buy’s strategic sourcing and procurement team boosted employee retention by 27 percent and shed 10 low-performing employees. But the real proof was the huge uptick in performance: The department, which buys materials for the corporate environment, saw a 50 percent increase in cost reductions over two years.

Where It Works — and Where It Doesn’t
So far, Best Buy has implemented ROWE in most departments at its Minneapolis headquarters, where the company’s so-called knowledge work happens, but to date the philosophy has not made its way into  environments other than offices. According to Best Buy, the company has discussed bringing ROWE to the retail floor but does not yet have a vision for how it would work. “ROWE obviously has some limitations in the service economy, where a number of jobs require coverage, like dealing with people in a hotel or retail store,” says Tammy Erickson, author of the Harvard Business blog.
Likewise, ROWE is ill-suited for industrial environments, says Lance Haun, who writes the YourHRGuy blog and heads up HR at an 800-person aerospace manufacturing company in Portland, Ore. “Our
operation has a lot of cogs going at the same time,” he says. “I think it would be very hard for [ROWE] to work even remotely well in this large-scale environment.”
Also unclear is how inherently time-driven workplaces such as stock brokerages and doctors’ offices, which must operate on the external schedules of entities like stock markets and patients, could offer employees complete control over their work hours. In addition to helping about 80 percent of Best Buy headquarters employees (roughly 3,200) migrate to a ROWE, Ressler and Thompson have successfully transitioned one other company, a small Wisconsin-based insurance brokerage firm. Several other companies are in the process of trying pilot programs.

Who It Works For
In theory, a ROWE would work for anyone whose work is project or task based, regardless of whether the employee is an individual contributor or part of a team. In practice, however, a ROWE comes with several caveats. Perhaps the most significant one is the fact that for a ROWE to be effective, it requires a mature, goal-oriented manager. Erickson points out that in traditional work environments, many employees complain that they can’t be measured by results because their leaders don’t articulate what they want them to accomplish. “A ROWE takes it to the next level and forces managers to figure out what they want done,” Erickson says, and not every manager will live up to that challenge. Employees, for their part, need to deliver.
“If you don’t have enough self-discipline to stay focused when away from the office, you will struggle,” says Jauman. Even for workers who choose to go into the office every day from 8 to 5, a ROWE necessarily requires more self-motivation because managers no longer play the role of supervisor. After two years, Best Buy saw a 77 percent increase on average in involuntary turnover across three ROWE departments — meaning, the number of people the company fired for underperformance soared.

Legal Issues
Thompson and Ressler admit that ROWE is complicated when it comes to issues such as nonexempt (hourly) workers. Federal law requires that hourly workers log the time they work so that they can be paid overtime if necessary. But part of the migration to ROWE is a psychological shift away from thinking about work in terms of time. Nonexempt workers in a ROWE would have the freedom to set their own hours, but by law they would also have to meet the very non-ROWE requirement of tracking their time in order to be paid.

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Caixão de bacon

Para os amantes de Bacon descansarem melhor pelo resto da vida, eis um caixão de bacon:

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Um jacaré na xícara de café

Já pensou encontrar um jacaré ou um polvo na sua xícara de café?

Xícaras de café criativas.

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Músicas para o fds... XVII

Em homenagem a mais um participação do Iron Maiden no Rock In Rio a seleção dessa semana vai ser só IRON MAIDEN

Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus
His eyes seem so glazed
As he flies on the wings of a dream,
Now he knows his father betrayed
Now his wings turn to ashes to ashes his grave.

Fly, on your way, like an eagle,
Fly as high as the sun,
On your way, like an eagle,
Fly touch the sun.

Iron Maiden - Aces High
"We shall go on to the end.
We shall fight in France
We shall fightover the seas and oceans.
we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air...

There goes the siren that warns of the air raid
Then comes the sound of the guns sending flak
Out for the scramble, we've got to get airborne
Got to get up for the coming attack

Live to fly, fly to live, do or die
Won't you
Run, live to fly, fly to live
Aces high

Iron Maiden - Where Eagles Dare
Into the night they fall through the sky
No one should fly where eagles dare

Their closing in, the fortress is near
It's standing high in the sky
The cable car's the only way in
it's real impossible to climb

They dared to go where no one would try
They chose to fly where eagles dare

Iron Maiden - Caught Somewhere In Time
If you had the time to lose,
An open mind and time to choose,
Would you care to take a look,
Or can you read me like a book?

Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
You watch the world exploding every single night
Dancing in the sun a new born in the light
Brothers and their fathers joining hands to make a chain
The shadow of the Wicker man is rising up again

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Coquetel Molotov atinge policial

Veja o vídeo abaixo de um policial em uma moto sendo atingido por um coquetel molotv durante uma manifestação na Grécia contra a crise e os planos para melhoramento da economia.

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Campanha de proteção de informação na internet.

Dê uma olhada neste vídeo em que Dave ( leitor a mente ) diz um após outro tudo sobre si, até mesmo quanto dinheiro está em suas contas bancárias. Certifique-se de assistir até o final para descobrir a origem de suas habilidades assustadoras.

O vídeo foi produzido por Febelfin, a Federação Setor Financeiro Belga, como parte de uma campanha de segurança de Internet banking.

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Torcida do River Plate bate recorde com a maior bandeira

Os torcedores do River Plate apresentaram nesta segunda-feira em Buenos Aires um bandeirão com 7.829 metros de cumprimento e graças à façanha a equipe entrou para o livro Guinness dos Recordes.

A ideia surgiu de um grupo de torcedores, estendeu-se nas redes sociais e finalmente se materializou na confecção de uma gigantesca bandeira branca e vermelha financiada com contribuições dos sócios e fãs do clube.
A caravana contou com aproximadamente 50 mil torcedores, que transportaram a bandeira da antiga sede da torcida até o estádio Monumental de Nuñez.
O River Plate superou o recorde que era do Rosário Central, que confeccionou uma bandeira de 4.300 metros para comemorar seu 120º aniversário.
A bandeira tem 7.829,74 metros de cumprimento e 4,5 de largura, de acordo com um ato notarial enviado à organização Guiness para oficializar o recorde.
A bandeira foi realizada com pedaços de pano doados por torcedores de toda a Argentina e também de outros países como Austrália, Espanha, Chile e Peru.