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Músicas para o fds... IV

Vamos mais uma sequência matadora:

Jorn Lande- Out to every nation

I play my music till I die
Around the world you hear my cry
And I thank you all for joining the sound
Restless hearts unite as one... Oh yeahhh

Dark Avenger - Morgana

We'll impale the Christians in their crosses
We will drink their blood
No sign of thy God,
You'll burn on the realms of bellow
Tonight, wicked curse descending
Tonight, see the Briton Dragon bleeding
The dare they will pay with their souls
The pain for unfolding the unknown

Essa música é um clássico do metal nacional, lá pelas terras de Brasília dizem que o Dark Avenger está voltando.

Dynahead - Bloodish Eyes
I'll save you from oblivion
Come close and taste my vision
You can be dead or be mine
To find you is just a matter of time
Run, run and hide
Cover yourselves with lies
Run and die
Stare at my red bloodish eyes
Bloodish eyes

Outra banda nacional, Dynahead tem um som muito forte, porrada na orelha! Vale a pena conferir mais alguns sons dos caras, visite o site

AC/DC - It's a Long way to the Top ( If you wanna Rock'n'Roll )
If you think it's easy doin' one night stands
Try playin' in a rock roll band
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll

Place Vendome - Magic Carpet Ride
How long should I live a life of sorrow?
How long must I wait for your tomorrow?
You're having your fun at the cost of my pride
Is there never an end to this carnival ride?
You know I'm just a fool for your heart
This lovin's gonna tear me apart
When the day comes
I get a feeling so empty inside
You're flying away like a magic carpet ride

Michael Kiske, um dos melhores cantores do mundo. Esse ano tive o privilégio de vê-lo ao vivo. 

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