sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Músicas para o fds... II

Dicas de músicas para o final de semana...

Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams
Even though its reached new heights
I rather like the restless nights
It makes me wonder it makes me think
There's more to this I'm on the brink
It's not the fear of what's beyond
It's just that I might not respond
I have an interest almost craving
But would I like to get too far in?

Matanza - Bom é quando faz mal
Tá fazendo o que em casa?
Por acaso esta doente?
Ver TV é deprimente, não tem nada mais sem graça
Bom de noite é ir pra rua
Mesmo quando está chovendo
Eu que nunca me arrependo
Tá errado, eu tô fazendo
Vai saber o que é normal?
Só que eu posso lhe dizer:
Bom é quando faz mal

Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust
Now I see you standing with brown leaves all around and snow in your hair
Now we're smiling out the window of the crummy hotel over washington square
Our breath comes in white clouds, mingles and hangs in the air
Speaking strictly for me we both could've died then and there

Black Sabbath - Die Young
Gather the wind, though the wind won´t help you fly at all
Your back´s to the wall
Chain the sun, and it tears away (and it breaks) you as you run, you run, you run 
Behind the smile, there´s danger and a promise to be told:
You´ll never get old - ha!

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright

When we were young the future was so bright
The old neighborhood was so alive
And every kid on the whole damn street
Was gonna make it big and not be beat

Now the neighborhood's cracked and torn
The kids are grown up but their lives are worn
How can one little street
Swallow so many lives

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