sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012

Músicas para o fds... XV

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Inspirado nessa imagem : 

Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell
Welcome to the abandoned land
Come on in child, take my hand
Here there's no work or play
Only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say
As you go down, down, down

Dio - Hungry for Heaven
You 're hungry for heaven hungry for heaven hungry for heaven
But you need a little hell oh oh oh ooh oh
You're a runner but you're chasing yourself feel the hot breath on your shoulder
You're emotion running cold running warm the young just getting older

Twisted Sister - The Price 
Oh it's the price we gotta pay
And all the games we gotta play
Makes me wonder if it's worth it to carry on
'Cause it's a game we gotta lose,
Though it's a life we gotta choose
And the price is our own life until it's done

Dio - Losing my Insanity

Someone said
You'll light up the universe
It's there in your head then
Crazy comes to call

Break me down
I'm only an everyone
Running from free
Running from me

And though it's not of my choosing
I'm losing my insanity

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