sábado, 1 de dezembro de 2012

Músicas para o fds... XIX

Vamos a mais uma lista de música, dedica a banda Kreator, música para dormir.

Kreator - Enemy Of God
Enemy of God
Purity and innocence is killed
Enemy of God
Peace died long ago when life stood still

Kreator - Violent Revolution 
Society failed to tolerate me
And I have failed to tolerate society
Still I can't find what you adore
Inside I hear the echoes of an inner war
Nothing can take the horror from me
Your sick world the loss of all morality
My hate has grown as strong as my confusion
My only hope, my only solution

Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
Day turns to night as I rise from my grave
Black was the hole were I laid
Stalking the city to seek out your blood
I love when it showers from my blade
Your body is so pretty but how will it look
When my perverted lust is stilled
No one to save you no parents or friends
Because they've already got killed

Kreator -  Destroy What Destroys You
Resurrect the dream you've lost
Before you regret
Our souls may be darkened
But we see the light
The source of our inner strength
Is power that cannot die

KREATOR - Civilization Collapse
Can't you see, our people have got no choice
But to fight them back
Can't you see, the change of consciousness
Demands a total attack
Total attack
Total... attack!
Finally they're swarming in a long forgotten youth
The cause of inequality, a paradise for few
Superior, inferior, a vast insanity
When justice is tyranny
Anarchy is breaking out, destruction marks it's way
Burning temples turning into dark crypts of decay
The mighty are the fallen now, the weak are on the hunt
Battle on many fronts

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